Holiday Giving

This year, Spring Hill is using our Holiday Giving Campaign to start raising funds for our Parking Lot. Help us raise $5,000 for one of our bus parking spaces, which will help us bring in more school and bus tours.

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Our Mission


Spring Hill works to preserve the home, grounds, outbuildings, and all of our artifacts and stories for future generations. Work goes into caring for our thousands of artifacts that are hundreds of years old.


Spring Hill believes in life-long learners. Our goal is to educate learners of all ages on our history, our constantly updated understanding of the past, and connecting ourselves with our ancestors.


Spring Hill hopes to inspire a love of history, culture, and the arts in all of our guests. Most importantly, we hope every guest leaves recognizing that it is ordinary people who do extraordinary things.

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What Our Guests Are Saying…

Spring Hill is a beautiful facility for any wedding. I had my pictures taken on the property and in the house and they were absolutely perfect! Samantha was very helpful and kind throughout the day and made it such a pleasant experience. I would absolutely recommend this venue to anyone. Thanks again Sam!


My entire family loves this place!


Amazing! Love the history! I will always support Spring Hill!


We couldn’t be more happy that we chose Spring Hill for our ceremony. Samantha, the director of the home, was accommodating and enthusiastic at every step, and was very hands on with making sure everything ran smoothly during both the rehearsal and ceremony. The site is beautiful, both inside and outside, and there are several fantastic photo opportunities. We had high hopes for this venue, and they were all met and exceeded. Thank you!


The historical accuracy. I brought 10 of my staff members from our K-2 building and we were blown away and moved. We are still talking about the long-term ramifications of slavery even though many think it should be over. The conversation of the splintering and ruining of the African American family unit continues to reoccur in our conversations. Thank you so much for such raw accuracy. We came wanting to get ideas for our K-2 children but left forever changed personally.

A Local Teacher