2014 Season Office Hours
Monday: 9:00am-12:00pm
Tuesday: 9:00am-12:00pm
Wednesday: 9:00am-12:00pm
Thursday: 9:00am-12:00pm
Friday: 10:00am-2:00pm
*Please note that if there is an off-site meeting or event there may be no one in the office at Spring Hill.  

Volunteers Honored at Annual Volunteer Dinner
On Saturday November 9th, volunteers were thanked and honored at the Annual Volunteer Dinner located at Central Presbyterian Church in Massillon. Just under 60 volunteers attended this pot luck dinner and enjoyed their time visiting with other volunteers, hearing 2013 Highlights and what’s to come for 2014. 3 volunteers were presented with awards for going above and beyond throughout the year. 
Best New Volunteer: Aubrey Berbari
(This award went to someone that has been a volunteer at Spring Hill for less than 2 years. They have jumped into a variety of areas to assist the staff.) 
Volunteer of the Year: Leslie Wells
(This award goes to the Woman’s Board Member that has contributed the most amount of time to Spring Hill during the year.) 
Mary Merwin Award: The Gessner Family
(This award is presented to someone that has gone way above and beyond what is expected of a volunteer. They’ve contributed to Spring Hill over a long period of time through donating time, money, support, leadership, etc.) 


Preservation Efforts Continue at Spring Hill Historic Home

Alyssa Arciello started volunteering at Spring Hill in January as part of her requirements for graduation from Walsh University in museum studies. As part of her internship she began a project that would entail re-organizing and moving all Spring Hill archives (paper documents) to safe storage. Spring Hill is a nearly 200 year old home with no air conditioning. This is not the best situation for the paper pieces of the collection as heat can speed up deterioration. So, part of Alyssa’s project was to move the archives into the office, the one room with a small air conditioner to help keep the archives cool. This portion of the project is well underway but has given the staff and volunteers some momentum to undergo a much bigger project; re-organizing, re-housing and inventorying the entire collection; ALL of the pieces in the home.

Along with other volunteers, the larger phase of the project has begun. First, all of the pieces in the home have to be inventoried, this hasn’t been done in a long time. So, each piece gets recorded with it’s condition, current location and a photo that will be loaded into a program that helps keep track of collections. Second, the pieces already in storage will be inventoried and sorted or re-organized if needed. Third, we’ll re-evaluate what is on display at the home and possibly make some changes. Lastly, all of the items, including the archives will be loaded into the computer program and stored. Storing them strategically and tracking each piece on the computer will help us use the pieces more for education and exhibits.

This will be a long process, we’re hoping to finish in the spring of 2013 with some major house cleaning and re-organizing going on this winter. Hopefully by the summer of 2013 we’ll have a new piece or two on display.

Interested in volunteering? We’d love to have you. The more help we have with this project the sooner we’ll be able to use the pieces to their full potential! Please email the Director at or call 330-833-6749 if you’re interested in helping.


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