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Spring Hill Historic Home operates mainly by membership pledges from loyal supporters each year. Supporting Spring Hill can be very rewarding. Not only are you supporting a local historical organization that focuses on preserving our history for future generations; but you can also take part in the member events and benefits each year. All members are given free admission for house tours, newsletters, email blasts and much more. See more benefits below!

Membership Levels
Spring Hill Student $10
This is a non-voting membership for anyone up to age 23! A great way for youngsters and students to dive in!
*For individuals and young professionals
*Free Admission to house tours
*Free Qaurterly Newsletter
*Email blasts with exciting news
*Admittance to the Annual Spring Hill Meeting in February
*Invitations to Members Only Events
*Reduced Rate on Rentals at Spring Hill Historic Home

Spring Hill Individual $30
*All Student benefits
*Voting Admittance to the Annual Spring Hill Meeting in February

Spring Hill Family $40
*All Individual benefits
*2 Complimentary House Tour Passes to share with friends and family

Spring Hill Shepherd $50-$99
*All Family benefits
*Option to make register early for those events calling for reservations

Spring Hill Homesteader $100-$499
*All Shepherd Benefits
*2 additional (4 total) Complimentary House Tour Passes

Spring Hill Conductor $500-$999
*All Homesteader Benefits
*2 additional (6 total) Complimentary House Tour Passes

Spring Hill Settler $1000 & Up
*All Conductor Benefits
*2 additional (8 total) Complimentary House Tour Passess
*Private Tour (1 per year) Great for a family or company outing! Settlers can bring a total of 15 for a private, docent led tour through Spring Hill Historic Home. *Requires reservation at least 2 weeks ahead of time.

Business Memberships are also available
*Businesses will work with director to determine the best package of benefits for their company

If you are interested in becoming a member of Spring Hill Historic Home please contact Spring Hill by emailing or call 330-833-6749 for a membership packet.


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