About us

Spring Hill Historic Home is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) corporation.

Our mission is “to preserve unimpaired for future generations the house, outbuildings and grounds known as Spring Hill; to interpret Spring Hilland the families who lived there in light of their historical importance; and to maintain Spring Hill as an historic site open to the public.”


Spring Hill’s primary source of financial and operational support is its members. Membership is open to anyone interested in the furtherance of Spring Hill’s mission. Individual membership dues are $25 a year, and new members are accepted at any time. Additional levels of membership support are available. Each member is eligible to become nominated and vote for Spring Hill’s governing Board of Trustees. 

Learn more about becoming a member of Spring Hill Historic Home by visiting our Member Page!

Board of Trustees

Spring Hill is governed by a volunteer Board of Trustees selected from the membership and elected at the Annual Meeting. The Board is responsible for policy, planning, finances, selection of the Director, and general oversight. It meets the third Thursday of the month at 5pm.
Roger Fox , President
Robert Gessner, Vice President
Linda Miller, Secretary
Pam Wilson, Treasurer
Nancy Eberhardt
Roger Fox
Thomas Jackson
Byron Lash
Rebecca Raisner
Rhonda Robinson
Grace Spada
James Wolgamott



Kate Smith


Over 100 regular and special event volunteers assist with every facet of Spring Hill’s operation. Volunteers are Spring Hill’s lifeblood and energy  - giving thousands of hours every year to fulfill Spring Hill’s mission to the community. To become a volunteer,
contact us! The opportunities are as diverse and interesting as you are.
Some areas to volunteer include; Gardening, Giving Tours, Event Planning, Event Volunteering, Administrative and Grant Programs



  • At the turn of the 20th century, Spring Hill farm was home to several families, a bustling dairy business and scores of cultivated acreage. The photo above shows the farm's large complex of buildings around 1903.
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