Fund A School Bus Parking Space!

We’re down to the last few days of the 2017 year! So it’s time for us to start our last holiday giving campaign!

This year, Spring Hill is focusing on fundraising for our parking lot that we are hoping to put in. Our campaign will be throughout the holiday season until December 31st.





Why should I fund a parking lot?

We understand that parking lots aren’t exciting. They’re not new buildings, or new exhibit spaces, or exciting new programs. However, parking lots are vital to any business. We need to have better access to Spring Hill so we can be open year round. We cannot host large events if rainstorms can turn our current grass parking into mud puddles that guests get stuck in. We cannot host private events, which are helping make us more sustainable, without the proper parking for weddings with 200 guests. We cannot continue to bring in bus tours and, most importantly, school groups, if their buses cannot get onto our property and park.

Yes, this is not an exciting project. However, a parking lot is required for us to do more for our community.

What am I giving to?

This holiday season, we are hoping to raise enough money to pay for one of our bus parking spaces, which will cost approximately $5,500. Each bus parking spot will be 900 square feet, as required by law.

Total, our parking lot (which will have room to park two buses and 46 cars at the same time) will cost us about $160,000. This will also include updating our drive to make it safer for people coming and going from events.

How is Spring Hill funding this?

We have been very lucky to already have some funding. Through a few grants and private donations, we have already started on putting away some money for the parking lot. We are working to get more grant funding and to have some fundraisers, but your donations help us a lot!

We’ve done the math. If every Massillonian donated $6.18, or enough money to pay for 1 square foot, we would have more than enough to install the parking lot!

We’ll be using the graphic below to help show you how much we have left to raise! As you can see, we can already park a few cars and a bus! Help us fill up more of these parking spaces!